Leaders Romans Group launches Build To Rent management offering, Three Sixty Space


This new offering will provide end-to-end services from development through to maintenance and block management.

Leaders Romans Group (LRG) is proud to announce the launch of its latest offering, Three Sixty Space, a consultation and management service for build-to-rent developers. This offering will bring the entire process of build-to-let under one roof, with LRG available throughout the life cycle of developments for both developers and future tenants.

As part of Three Sixty Space, clients can expect guidance on site selection, planning, local operations, leasing, referencing, block management, property maintenance and more. As one of the UK’s largest property groups, LRG will draw from its years of experience across different areas of the property sector, serving tenants and landlords alike with this new venture.

The first development to use Three Sixty Space is The Skyline, a build-to-rent development in Manchester that LRG now manages leasing, referencing and block management. The complex features a range of one and two-bedroom apartments, communal spaces for residents and benefits from reliable transport links to the centre of Manchester.


“We’re proud to be working with Three Sixty Space and have enjoyed a seamless experience with LRG. We are excited by our ongoing partnership with the group and look forward to working on future properties with them,” comments Kee Gan, Chief Investment Officer at L1 Capital.

The build-to-rent market has undergone significant transformation in recent years. Previously, it was associated purely with high-density units, often for young professionals in urban areas. However, the concept of build-to-rent has expanded to attract a much wider pool of tenants. Single-family build-to-rent developments are becoming more common, with funding and demand on the rise. These developments are also appearing more in suburban areas – a trend that has been accelerated by COVID-19 pushing people out of urban hubs and changing movers’ priorities. And with communal spaces and amenities such as gardens and gyms set to be in high demand following a year of pandemic restrictions, offering these amenities and providing a sense of community will be key to future build-to-rent development success.

With this is mind, LRG will bring a holistic approach to the build-to-rent market, examining the wants of tenants of all demographics and ensuring that all are catered for. As this market now attracts a wider audience, it is vital that developers consider a new variety of tenant demands throughout the build-to-let process. This includes the growing demand for energy-efficient living spaces that feature renewable energy sources where possible and responsible waste management.

Sue Winterbourne, Director, Three Sixty Space, comments, “We are proud to already work with many developers and landlords, providing block management and maintenance services, and the addition of Three Sixty Space means we can expand this to being a one-stop-shop for the entire build-to-rent process. We envision these developments being homes that people can stay in throughout their lives and upsize according to their needs without having to change location – whilst being able to benefit from state-of-the-art amenities in a way that buying does not always allow. The build-to-rent market is going through some interesting changes as mover needs and desires change, and we’re excited to be a part of such a growing market!”

More information about Three Sixty Space is available here; more information on LRG and their wide portfolio of services is available here.