Richard Chambers


UKAA End of Year Accounts

To view 2016’s financial position ending 31st December 2016, please download our PDF. Download If you require more comprehensive information, please contact Michael Green on or on 020 8387 5496.


How to challenge the market? Scrap deposits.

How did I know when we’d become a true disruptor? When every industry meeting over the last few weeks has started with ‘Why did you do it?!’. Last month we announced that deposit-free living is now our norm. We no longer take a security deposit from residents who pass referencing…


Countrywide Residential Investments

It’s exciting times here in the office. Having signed a forward purchase agreement on 324 flats in Liverpool and 164 in Manchester two years ago, we are now at the point where these will be handed over for launch in the next few months. The Fund already has four smaller…


Why we should back long-term tenancies

The nature of our lives has fundamentally changed in just a few generations. Gone are the days of a job for life, a young family by your mid-20s and a semi-detached to boot. Our existence is more frenetic than ever before: where our grandparents might have had two jobs during…


In Operation by Neil Young, Get Living London

Renting thousands of homes is a reputation business and I’ve made no secret of how seriously we take customer service at Get Living London. At points I have felt like a lone voice in the UK PRS.


PRS / BTR and bikes: friends of foes?

“How the humble bicycle could be the secret ingredient that propels residential schemes to the head of the pack…” It used to be only couriers, students and the occasional bonefide cyclist who took to two wheels to get around on. Now you can barely move for bikes,…


IN THE NEWS: The year ahead for PRS

More and more people are renting in the UK: a trend that is expected to continue as home ownership is increasingly unaffordable and lifestyle choices are changing, particularly amongst the 20-39 years old.