Home Made – a game changer for BTR lease up


A VC backed prop-tech company specialising in Build to Rent (BTR) lease up, Home Made have grown to become the largest hybrid lettings company in London, working with thousands of private landlords and some of the largest property owner-operators.

A non-agency solution, Home Made are singularly focused on helping London’s BTR operators & investors attract high quality residents faster and more economically than any other solution in the market-place, while ensuring prospective residents enjoy a modern seamless customer journey.

With an innate understanding of the value of brand and the importance of a single customer journey Home Made are uniquely placed to be able to underpin both.

Jo Green, Home Made’s Head of Business Development gives an overview of what makes Home Made genuinely different and why it is set to become the go-to lettings provider for London’s BTR schemes.

“In a noisy prop tech space with (what feels like) a new model arriving every day promising a ‘different approach’ or a ‘unique solution’ it’s no wonder the phrase ‘disruptor’ is now met with a yawn and an eye roll.

Having been in this sector since its nascent stage, in both corporate and start-up companies, what drew me to Home Made was the fact that the business is not a conceptual one. There is no ‘theory’, no ‘aspiration’ (other than to make a pretty bad lettings sector better) and no sales heavy PowerPoints with over ambitious projected performance numbers promising results that have yet to be delivered.

Home Made are already doing it, our performance results are real, our trust pilot reviews are real, our happy clients are real and our capability and delivery means our mandates are increasing daily.

Here’s the how and why”.


Our highly efficient, operational model and unique approach to the end to end process means we are already delivering unparalleled results;

  • letting faster,
  • achieving higher ERV’s,
  • delivering a superior customer journey with high customer satisfaction levels and all for a much lower cost (~2-5%).


Our Zone 1-6 coverage means we have the highest reach of any lettings solution in London and can deliver a high volume of quality, qualified applicants.

With listings across the whole of London, we are uniquely placed to cross-sell and proactively prospect adding considerable value to BTR operators.

Our proprietary research shows that over 50% of residents now relocate to a completely new part of the city when moving home. Our dedicated marketing team use this data, alongside other extensive cross channel strategies, to proactively create demand and over 60% of our enquiries come from outside the traditional portals and our placement rate is on average half the time of agents.

Customer Journey / Brand

Our centralised (single) office and operational processes ensure we can fully support the single customer journey and underpin brand.

All Home Made staff reflect the BTR ethos of hospitality grade customer service. Mostly hired from outside the industry, they are passionate about delivering the highest quality of service to every single applicant. It shows in our 5 star reviews.

We offer out of hours viewings (44% of our viewings take place before 8am and after 6pm or at weekends – 25% midweek) and a manned 24/7 call centre where viewings can be booked in person.

We work alongside on site teams/operators to support and underpin lease up with an end to end, fully compliant service, delivering qualified, referenced applicants ready to move in.
All on site team processes can be adopted and all deployed Home Made staff would undergo full scheme training to ensure complete brand consistency.

Trust and transparency

Trust and transparency are at the heart of the Home Made model.

Engendering trust with our applicants is key to our successful delivery and having fully transparent processes that our clients have full visibility of cements our position as a trusted service provider.

We are a compliance-first operation with robust, fully audited processes to ensure the highest quality service and the highest quality applicants.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Home Made are 5-star rated on Trustpilot.
Our customers and clients are the best testament to our service and delivery.

Trustpilot Link

Still sceptical, that’s OK, we are happy to prove our value.

Our claims:

  • We let faster,
  • Often achieve higher ERV’s,
  • Underpin brand with a single customer journey
  • Cost less


Imagine what a ‘game changer’ it will be if it’s true!

To find out how we can deliver on your scheme get in touch today to arrange a meeting or email us directly at btr@home-made.com.