BUNK joins the UKAA to promote and lead innovation within the property market

The future of build to rent might look different to different people. At Bunk, improving the future of the build to rent environment can not be achieved without efficient digitalisation of property management.

Bunk provides property technology, commonly known as a ‘PropTech’ that solves real world problems. Whether it is using data driven approaches to avoiding costly voids across a portfolio; or whether it’s utilising machine learning to automate the outdated paper driven tasks of the last century. Bunk’s technology provides residential developers and property managers the ability to run an efficient marketing operation. This allows them to secure the right tenants. Furthermore, all documents, communications, maintenance and rent collection services are offered on one centralised platform.

As backed by one of the UK’s biggest Buy-to-Let lenders – Nationwide, Bunk eases the stress of Landlords keeping their developments and listings compliant. With over 150 pieces of legislation to keep up to date with in an ever-changing policy climate, Bunk gives the gift of time back to our clients. Whilst we handle regulations, our clients are investing their time in tasks that yield them greater value.

Who are we?

Bunk was built off tenant frustration felt by founders Harry Stirling, Tom Woollard and thousands of others. What started as an idea has quickly become the leading property management software sweeping up awards from the Bristol Property Awards.

We provide the tech solution for the mundane, daily tasks of Residential property landlords, PBSA student lets and tenants. Whilst we offer an end to end rental journey we are also leading thinkers in the industry. Check out our blog full of guides, reports and the latest news here.

Operating Nationwide, Bunk’s digital approach has provided an edge over traditional letting agencies allowing them to scale at a greater pace. Landlords with larger portfolios across the country share the love for Bunk as an alternative to costly high-street alternatives.

What you need to know.

We understand our clients and help solve their problems.

For example, we saved a student developer in excess of £50,000 in the first 6 months of partnering. We also achieved over 1200 rental offers across 200 units and a 98.2% rent collection record – all without even a call to a tenant.

Bunk achieves these results by providing landlords with pre-qualified leads alongside a tailored referencing criteria. For example – We have completed end-to-end lets from first contact with the property manager to tenants moving-in in under 2 days. With a fully digital onboarding journey, from initial viewing to moving in we have significantly streamlined a tenant’s rental journey. At the same time, Bunk has made it seamless for a manager to complete all of their time-consuming duties with the ease of e-signing digital tenancy agreements. We have never used a printer at Bunk!

98% of tenants would rather rent through Bunk than use a high-street letting agent.

Bunk provides tenants with a voice. Through our tenant app, they can communicate directly to their landlords. No longer are tenants silenced when it comes to their home. Our maintenance tab allows tenants to track their concerns and get answers, fast.

Similarly, keeping track of maintenance requests is a major pain point for our landlords. It is part of our mission to introduce transparency into maintenance requests, serving to build trust and value to the tenant – landlord relationship.


What to look forward to.

We are proud to be continuously releasing updates and features for both tenant and landlord. With our latest ‘notices’ feature we are striving to accommodate landlords who need to send group messages through the app.

Bunk is excited to integrate Open Banking to revolutionise rent collection. We have listened to what landlords want and landed a solution that will prioritise visibility over rental payments.

Moving forward with UKAA

Working with the awesome community of the BTR market with our UKAA membership will allow us to play a key role in the future of the Build To Rent sector. We share the same ideals as UKAA and we can’t wait to demonstrate what the rent sector should be. Proving that it can provide a better way of life for residents.