Customer Experience

How on-site workshops reduce customer inconvenience

On-site maintenance workshops facilitate the reporting of faults and speed up responses, improving customer experience in Build to Rent. This article advises on the fit-out and kit list

The problem  

 Much as we would like, we cannot prevent a gradual decline in building systems and components. 

Things break down, malfunction, and require repair. When products and services in Build to Rent communities break down, there can be a significant inconvenience to customers.

Repairs and maintenance were referenced in approximately 20 per cent of Build to Rent community reviews as being important to BTR customers, according to HomeViews’ 2021 Report

 The ability to report problems easily mattered to customers, but so too did the speed of resolution of maintenance issues.  

 Customer service is a paramount concern in build to rent and maintaining that level of service consistently is driven partly by human teams on the ground, but also by mechanical and technological systems that can suffer occasional faults.   

Being able to anticipate and reduce the risk of those faults occurring is a hallmark of good management systems and the people that drive them.

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