The BTR Code of Practice: Principle 6

6. Adopt a responsible, transparent culture and robust corporate governance.

Signatories will:

  1. Ensure robust governance structures are in place to ensure accountability and transparency including  adherence to this Code with performance overseen at Board level.

  2. Adopt integrated systems for risk management, performance assessment, communication, leadership, employee competency curriculum and recommended ISO Standards.

  3. Adhere to best practice standards for employee relations including reward (at least equivalent to) real living wage with personalised sector training programmes and career paths.

  4. Build a corporate culture which promotes wellbeing, workplace diversity, equity and inclusion and empowers innovation with regular employee surveys to turn policy into action. 

  5. Promote best practice governance standards across supply chains.




  • Promote transparency and integrity.

  • Align with best practice standards regarding employees, suppliers, and customers.

  • Adopt a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Promote quality jobs, including Real Living Wage accreditation.

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