MyPup joins UKAA as a member

MyPup – My Pick Up Point – is a parcel management solution for apartments across Europe. Using MyPup reduces parcel theft, saves time for property managers, and helps buildings operate more sustainably. By consolidating parcels from all couriers at a micro-hub and sorting them by building, only one delivery is needed each day – made by a trusted courier– reducing the number of vehicles on inner-city roads. Parcels are delivered to on-site smart lockers installed by MyPup that can only be opened with a unique code shared by email or app, helping to reduce instances of parcel theft and keeping residents safer by reducing the number of strangers entering the properties. 

MyPup has been providing eco-friendly parcel delivery to buildings across the Netherlands for 10 years and is now growing in the UK and Ireland. MyPup has 30 employees based at its head office in Amsterdam. MyPup is a certified B Corp.