Invitation to participate: Assessing the social impact of BTR developments on residents and local communities

In line with our manifesto aim to advance ESG literacy by creating environmental, economic, and social value, we are delighted to announce that the UKAA, along with the BPF, is teaming up with The Quality of Life Foundation (QOLF) to collaborate on research that will assess the social impact on residents and the local community across a number of build-to-rent developments.

This new research will:

  • Build the evidence base around the social impact of living in and around build-to-rent developments on residents and local communities.
  • Underline the social value of build-to-rent by providing a baseline for social value through outcomes defined by the Government’s Green Book and understood through the Quality-of-Life Framework.
  • Provide better understanding of residents’ lived experience, deepening trust with BTR communities and the local community.
  • Provide evidence to influence policy for local and national government, as well as insights useful to development, stewardship and sales.

We are looking for six build-to-rent leaders to spearhead this research, for which they will receive insight into their own developments, as well as recognition as leaders in this space.

If this is of interest, you will find further information about the project, methodology, outputs and costs contained in this document.

For more details and any questions, please contact Matthew Morgan directly on QOLF Director