British manufacturer Amtico has introduced Amtico Bio, the company’s first bio-attributed, low-carbon LVT flooring  option created for projects that demand the highest levels of sustainability.

Available to specify across the Signature, Spacia and Form collections Amtico Bio is a bio-attributed LVT option, manufactured using sustainable PVC derived from renewable raw materials. This process saves more than 90% on CO2 emissions released in production compared to fossil fuels.


Amtico Bio is chemically and physically identical to the company’s standard LVT and works on the ‘Mass Balance’ principle; for each order, Amtico sources the required amount of bio-attributed PVC, made using raw and renewable biomass materials, which is incorporated into existing manufacturing processes. The process is independently audited by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) and the customer is provided with a certificate to guarantee all requirements and sustainability claims have been met.

The bio-attributed LVT maintains the same variety of designs and high-quality products that Amtico’s popular collections are known for, but with a lower carbon footprint.

Commenting on Amtico Bio, Marketing Director Holly Johnson said: “The world’s leading manufacturers should be looking out for the planet, that’s why we’re proud to introduce Amtico Bio. We’re taking a stand against carbon emissions by using raw and renewable biomass. Utilising the ‘Mass Balance’ principle, we have incorporated these materials within our existing manufacturing processes, rather than creating new ones. This ensures our bio-attributed flooring is affordable and accessible for everyone, as well as supports the next step in PVC’s sustainability journey.”

Amtico Bio uses a traceable process that is audited by third parties for complete transparency. The biomass material is a by-product of the paper pulping process, sourced from sustainably managed forests that are maintained for the paper pulping industry. The valuable raw material is processed into ethylene, which is used to produce renewable PVC, before it is turned into LVT flooring in the UK utilising electricity generated from green energy sources.

Amtico Bio is available to specify now on selected flooring across the Signature, Spacia and Form collections. For more information on Amtico’s sustainability strategy, Responsible Foundations, please visit


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