As a membership organisation it is important that we listen to and reflect the aspirations and concerns of members.
We recently conducted a review of membership and took views of members from across all categories. The review was based on telephone and video interviews with the same set of questions being asked each respondent. This provides good quality and standardised feedback.
This information also allows us to understand how the UKAA is performing, to underpin and define future objectives for the organisation and its members. It is our job to then produce a strategy and business plan to deliver these objectives and to show the structural changes that will be needed to get there. This will involve changes to:

  • The UKAA’s remit and scope of activities
  • Improvements to the value proposition
  • Membership categories
  • Benefits and activity focused on relevance to these categories
  • Internal structure and resources to deliver these benefits
  • Outputs
  • Fees

We would like to share the findings of the review and our strategy for the future at the AGM on 1 Dec at 10:30AM – 12PM. As a membership organisation, participation is key to creating and deriving value from the UKAA and thus your attendance is important and most warmly welcomed.