Strategic Advisory Group

Purpose and objectives

The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) exists to provide a mechanism for senior UKAA members to help shape the activity and future direction of the UKAA and ensure the organisation meets the needs of the wider membership. This will involve:

  • Identifying current and emerging strategic issues, challenges and opportunities to inform the future work of UKAA.
  • Reviewing and shaping UKAA priorities to support the creation of a longer-term strategy, agenda and goals.
  • Reinforcing and maximising the connectivity and synergies between the various UKAA workstreams and groups to allow close collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Facilitating the wider dissemination of the UKAA strategic objectives.


The SAG comprises:

  • Members of the UKAA Executive Board
  • The Chair (or representative of the Chair) from each of the UKAA Committees, Local Hubs, Forums and Working Groups.
  • A senior representative from each of UKAA’s Corporate Sponsors
  • Other senior members of the UKAA invited to participate to ensure the SAG has a range of skills and expertise as required.